First Pre-sale
Hello, dear traveler! Welcome to the marvelous universe of FarmSecretB. We need to join forces to go through the portal that takes us to the FarmSecretB Universe. We've heard that lands within the FarmSecretB universe is being sold. Some say that along with the lands, comes an orb that opens the portal even further and allows us to enter the world of FarmSecretB
Date : 12/06/2021 14 UTC
First presale will be performed with BNB, second presale will be performed with our Token, FSB.
Eddie guarantees the numbers will be these:

Total Supply

4.000 Uncommon Lands 4 slots+2 Upgradeable - 1Unt. 0.15BNB
2.200 Rare Lands 8 slots+4 Upgradeable - 1Unt. 0.44BNB
1.700 Legendary Lands 12 slots+4 Upgradeable - 1Unt. 1.22BNB
100 Mythical Lands 14 slots+6 Upgradeable - 1Unt. 6BNB
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