Hello everyone, this is Eddie, the most beautiful and charming little pig. I will be your guide through this beautiful Universe of FarmSecretB. Are you ready? so let's go
The world of FarmSecretB is a unique and amazing place! We seek to provide a place where everything is not just about profits, but fun too. Leaving you immersed in a unique experience! Chibi graphics and an outstanding soundtrack! A novel that will insert you into the vastness of our universe. A place full of things so you can have fun and still profit (Eddie approves).
We want to explain our goals here.
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Invert everything that was mentioned above in the way you want, this will be our differential, here you help change the order of things, based on this, our entire project will differentiate itself in climbing one step at a time, but knowing where we want to go.
Taking as examples other projects that have already shown which paths not to follow, we chose another path, placing gradually and exponential gains according to the time invested, giving in the same proportion the return for those who believe in our project, so if you are waiting those exorbitant gains right from the start, look for another farm to buy, because this is for those who believe in a game that will deliver profits, yes, but gradually, but also letting the fun flow along with your farm, telling an engaging story that makes always wanting to know more, building with us at each stage of our project an ever-new world bubbling with opportunities, where "you" will always be part of these events, because following the opinion of all players, we can change the world we are building together, let's go always put your opinion as a beacon, to help us build the new stories that should be told and these, of course, always aiming at the economy mia of the game as a whole, but believe me, you will help us build “these worlds”, can you imagine a character created by you, be part of our game, or other things (Did someone say spoiler?)
Let's divide our plot into stages (seasons), let's start on the farm in a quiet and peaceful life, but in the course of it we'll immerse ourselves in a grand story where we'll tell on the site in the form of a novel and comic, where we'll direct everyone to an adventure together with our characters (some playable and unique, psu I didn't say anything), this will often point out where the game will go, I guarantee it's worth following up to find out what's new, as well as being a lot of fun.
We are a large team, we are going to start this project with more than 40 professionals who love what they do and are able to deliver an experience not only of gains, but of fun ("except for economists who only talk about accounts”), and there are also more than 30 other professionals who are waiting to start our project, and, if there is an increase in demand, these will already be activated. As we know that in this world of NFT, everything has to be programmed with great anticipation. These professionals are divided into the following sectors :
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For the server, we paid very special attention to putting it in an NFT game for the first time, as an operational cost, and we will immediately launch it within Amazon's servers, which is already being prepared with all the scalability for a demand that may arise.
Our game development project is already underway even before the release, the date of the first sales is already set, for further details follow on our Social Media.
Another highlight are the mythical lands where only 170 will be made available to players throughout this season, of which 150 will be offered for sale. If they are not sold on Presale 1, what is left will be placed on Presale 2, and then on Public Sale. After these sales, if they have not been sold, they will only be made available for sales on a specific date on the server. We will also have “the mythical events” (Fight, I didn't say that) where only players who don't have these mythical lands can participate. Their very high price will stand out due to their functionality as well as their expansions to other worlds, the real potential of these lands will be when teaming with unique mythical characters, where you will be able to unlock your multiplier to another level, another detail who has a mythical land cannot drop or win this mythical and unique NFTS in events, only buying from other players, this will be an excellent opportunity for those who dropped or won these NFTs, to get excellent gains, because surely someone with a mythical land will be looking for these NFTs. We are preparing a world full of news, where we are delivering not only the profits, but the pleasure of those who really play, we are delivering a player-to-player project, so if you want to come together with us, cozy up, the doors of this farm are open, and it's yours, take care of it with love and reap the rewards, because this is a world full of new discoveries that we'll discover together.
Welcome to Farm Secrets B
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