The FarmSecretB lands are a spectacle on their own. Here we will have the rarities, where of course, depending on the rarity, you will have less or more slots and can profit more. The lands and their rarities, have unique looks, which differ them visually. In the future, it will be possible to decorate each one of them. Customization items will also be divided by rarity, making each land visually unique and with its owner's personal touch.
Common Lands 4 Slots
Uncommon Lands 4 Slots+2 Upgradeable
Rare Lands 8 Slots+4 Upgradeable
Legendary Lands 12 Slots+4 Upgradeable
Mythical Lands 14 Slots+6 Upgradeable
The lands are full of mini games and each one has a unique charm. Some say that different events will take place in each of them, but all events are clues to something greater. . . My dear adventurers, can you solve the puzzles?
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